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Parcon Gen (youth and caregivers)

Thursday 3:30-4:15pm
CPE 1- movement room 106th @ Park, NYC

This class seeks to advance Parcon curriculum with special centering of children and caregiver relationships to children. We will focus on seeing the world through their eyes, asking questions through their lens and exploring touch in a unique way that honors social development and childhood.


Sparcon! Seniors

TBD                                                                                La Corsi Senior Center:307 116th Ave @3rd ave, NYC

This class seeks to advance Parcon curriculum with special centering on seniors who are predominantly Spanish speaking! We will focus on their unique intersection of being Latinx and seniors. All seniors are welcome. 




MIXED ABILITIES (people with disabilities)

Wednesdays 4-5pm
Axis Project: 1325 5th avenue @ 112th street, NYC

This class seeks to advanced Parcon curriculum with special centering on people with disabilities and the assistive devices that they may use. Together we learn how to use extensions to make exploration of Parcon principles more accessible.


OPEN LAB for all

Wednesday 5-6pm                                                      Axis Project: 1325 5th avenue @ 112th street, NYC

This is free open lab for all to explore Parcon. 





We are excited to share this work with everyone! If you want to hold a Parcon workshop in your community, or figure out how to start a practice group please email us at 

   We want to help you make it happen!


Parcon Site Focus and/or Walking Tour: Any location can teach us new things. This workshop focuses specifically on the PLACE and LOCOMOTION components of Parcon Resilience. Workshops in this area have focused on levels and sliding on a stair well, or climbing and hanging on scaffolding, etc.

Parcon Extensions: Anything can become an extension of the body, place, and imagination. In these workshops we explore how the qualities of various objects inform and re-organize our understanding of Parcon. Extension workshops have utilized 6 foot poles, blankets, and rope. 

Parcon Resilience: This material travels more deeply into the IMAGINE component of the curricullum and provides a scaffolding for collective reflection and strategizing for our worlds to be a more just world,

Parcon Body: This material focuses more on the BODY, TOUCH, and CONNECT components of the Parcon Resilience Curriculum. Participants will be taken through somatic education practices to deepen self connection to movement before motoring it out into relationships with others and the environment.

Parcon Immersion Weekends: This experience allows us to take the work to a deeper level with a participants coming in from out of the city to learn the material and possibly offer it in their home locals.




Work with expert practitioners of Parcon to develop your personal movement and reflective practice. We practice indoors and outdoors around NYC. Fill out the form below and get started on your journey today. We will try to respond to you within 72 hours.

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