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Ontario Contact Jam

Parcon will return to Canada during the Ontario Contact Improvisation Jam, the largest jam in North America!


Site-specific Leaning into Intersections of Race and Class

Our bodies and movement, as well as the spaces we occupy, are political.  Parcon is a site-specific contact dance form made by and for people of color, intersecting marginalized identities and their allies. We use touch, shared momentum and anti-oppressive practice to challenge and transform the status quo. The two main movement forms to inspire Parcon are Parkour- an urban obstacle course running form that prioritizes flow and efficiency and Contact Improvisation- our leaning empathetic dialogue that we share on the dance floor.  


In this workshop we will play with ways that we perform race and class in public spaces through the practice of Parcon and collective reflection. No experience is needed! 

Earlier Event: March 10
Later Event: April 7
Seasonal Immersion Weekend