Movement of the People Dance Company

Where: Hunter College, NYC NY 10065

When: November 5th, 2018 

Who: Joya Powell's : Movement of the People Dance Company (MOPDC)

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What: Parcon Resilience master class exploring how we find resilience against micro-aggressions through our contact improvisation and Parcon (in the stairwell and sitting area). Participants were guided to explore how the way they give and take weight with a partner changes based on the the power and assumptions being expressed through a mover's choices. We explored a contact improvisation dance where one person was acting like a stereotypical white frat boy, and the other was to move like a stereotypical black shaman goddess. The discussion that followed was rich and transformative. 


"What a phenomenal morning exploring movement possibilities and life possibilities with Guest Artist Andrew Suseno in his -Resilience through Micro-aggressions Contact-Improv Workshop. The embodied practice was emotional and inspiring, giving us seeds for movement making and life. We are extremely grateful!  " -Joya Powell   #mopdc #danceisresistance #danceitout#magicinthestudio #dancerehearsal #embodiedpractice