Community Share & Revolution Jam

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Where: Duke Ellington Circle and J Marion Sims Statue

When:  Afternoon in October 15th, 2017

Who: 6 Movers and Activist expert to guide discussion

What:  The first hour we held a Parcon class, the second hour, conversations with a field expert on DACA, and the final hour a Parcon Action on the Marion Sims statue. Sims was the founder of "modern day gynecology," who maimed and killed hundreds of slave women to develop his techniques.  




"Parcon brings us back to our bodies and our inherent need for play and adventure... Various exercises were explored in such a way that gave each participant to experience what it means for them be in a position of power, and in other cases to be the one who does not have power. Exercises were also culminated with a discussion and feedback. These allowed the participants to have a chance to express more ideas, make connection between the exercises and her daily lives, and also create meaningful conversations with other participants and through their different lens and experience. "   - Ea Torrado

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