People of Color centered Contact Improvisation

POC Contact Improvisation

When: WEDNESDAYS 6:30—8:30pm (Starts Nov 28th)

Where: The Johnson Community Center 1833 Lexington Ave bet 114th & 115th st., NYC NY 10029


What is Contact Improvisation?

Contact Improvisation is a two person movement meditation that draws from Aikido, a martial art and modern dance. Movers learn to follow and fall into a shared point of contact that can shift to any part of their body. Dances can range from sensitive and intimate to athletic and lively or an infinite other variation. There is no hierarchy. All bodies come into relationship across ability, gender, race, and skill level.

First comes safety, consent and learning to respect each other’s dignity. From that foundation we build technique based on the interest of the group. As a POC centered space we share in an intersectional anti-racist community contract and seek to support one another in embodying our liberation.

Why is this class POC centered?

While many POC have been exposed to Contact, the reality is most of the teachers and community are liberal whites who mean well but do not attempt to center the practice on a non-white experience. So, the jams and classes largely cater to a white crowd in white spaces that universal white experience as everyone’s experience. I’d like to try something different.

What do you need to bring?

1) You need to register! Send me an email to receive the packet.

2) Clothes you feel comfortable rolling around in. Knee pads if you have sensitive knees. Water.

What can I expect?

You will be asked to agree to a community agreement that is flexible but generally consists of ways we respect one another’s boundaries and communication. You will roll around on the floor. Roll around with each other. You can say no at any time without question, in fact it is encouraged. You will discover new ways of moving and relating to people and possibly find new ways for engaging in community.

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