Culture Shock! Highline Performance!

Where: Highline at the Stepping Benches


graphics by Friends of the Highline

When: April 21, 2018 at 1-2pm

Who: Parcon NYC: Fumi Kikuchi, Funda Gul, Cecilia Fontanesi, Kimberly Tate, Ruby Romero, and Andrew Suseno

What: Parcon NYC performed 3 ten minute performances on the Stepping Benches kicking off the Highline's Spring Season to 200+ person crowds. The performers moved to three different pieces of music, expanding and contracting and rising and falling throughout the space in solo and contact combinations.


photos by P. Sheffield


Testimony from New Parcon NYC performers:

"It was my pleasure to be a member of Parcon and performed at the High Line as a part of Culture Shock: The High Line's Season Kick-Off. Many people stopped and watched our performance. They were curious what we were doing. After each performance, I saw many smiles and had a round of applause, and some audience members are interested in knowing more about what Parcon is. We shared a newer dance form "Parcon" with public people, motivated some viewers to try parcon, and build a circumstance where people can talk about parcon and build a network with people in the community. It was a successful event and performance."  -Fumi Kikuchi

"I am so grateful to have you and Parcon in my orbit. Yesterday I was left with an such a profound feeling of joy and well-being. You are right, to explore and challenge my physicality in the environment in connection with others is truly transformative! " - Kimberly Tate


Testimony from audience: