Cada Paso

Cada Paso is a non-profit in East Harlem that leads walking tours for mostly Latino families to learn about health living options in NYC. They cover topics such as the Green market, Play, Civic Engagement, WIC, education for adults, and etc.

What: This summer we began to experiment with teaching Parcon around a theme that Cada Paso was focused on. If it was Green Markets, we used Parcon to embody the dynamic relationship between local farmers and consumers versus a big faceless corporations with blander food. If it was play we invited the adults to engage in novel movement on the children’s playground and invited creative interactions with their children.

When: During the summer of 2018

Special Thanks to

Doctor Cappy Collins. The project was a success. We are open to collaborate in the future when Parcon Resilience builds more teaching capacity and we set up assessment measure to track how Parcon affects health behavior.