Radical Contact (March)- led by Aurora Westerfelt

Class taught and recounted by Aurora Westfelt:

Where:   Sweden: Blekinge Folkhögskola

Who:    Two people of color and three cis-men, and four non binary persons and a bunch of cis-women, and one child

When: Mar 30- Apr2, 2018


What:    "I felt most inspired in a space upstairs that had tables and chairs and doors and stair case so we spent the first of the two hours there (starting with walking up together after telling about Parcon and what you do Andrew, as well as I could..). Then I went through all the lenses, reminding and giving examples of no-s al through, as well as going for the yes-es… I like that it becomes like a long trip, step by step - the clear frames with a stream of improvised talk through it like a long story.... People where floating and playing and climbing and almost falling asleep and also laughing and giggling some witch surprised me a bit, but it was a very giggly group… A few people said they specially liked this first part. Someone said they liked that I talked all the time, someone else that they liked how I lead it. Many liked the playfulness.

Second part we spent in the dance space. I divided them so half the group was furniture/obstacles in the space and the other half explorers and then we changed. Then I told my ideas about working with borders and we did the same thing but the obstacles being borders. People where a bit sleepy and the obstacles and borders where a lot like lumps on the floor, haha. But some where really exploring.

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 8.51.40 AM.png

Aurora Westfelt

When I told the idea I noticed people where first thinking of personal borders, so I said the different kind of borders I have been thinking of - inside the body the cells, the skin towards the world, borders between people – but that I mostly was thinking of borders between countries - something that is put up by those that have power over other people, power deciding who get through and who don’t, and when and how – ruling over how peoples bodies get to travel/not travel I space… When I told my ideas I realized that there where only two people in the space that gets to experience how country borders restricts their possibilities to travel because of where they come from and the color of their skin.

I’m anyway encouraged to continue working on this thing with borders… It connects with my ideas about working with directions – different directions opening up, closing in, giving possibilities, stopping possibilities, making people move, making the body move in space (and spirals...)…"