Immersion Weekends

Where: These weekends happen in a variety of public and private locations. Depending on the weather, public spaces may be in parks, near or on statues or on benches or it may be in a stairwell, or on the subway. Private spaces may be rentals to allow for more vulnerable and deeper investigations. It all depends on what the focus of the weekend is.

When: 9-7 with 2 hours break for lunch. In New York we try to crash the Saturday Jam space.

Who: Anyone, but especially marginalized folks who do not normally attend. We proactively reach out to populations through our regular affinity classes that happen once a week. I give discounts to weekend fee organizers in other cities if they are able to reach out to marginalized communities.

What: The Immersion weekend is a chance to take a deep dive into the Parcon world. Any combination of classes can be put together depending on who is coming and what they are interested in. A general Immersion schedule consist of Parcon classes to orient movers to the Resilience currilculum, skill development in solo, duet, and extensions in Parcon, and social justice investigation. 

To read about the prior Immersions click below                                                     

June Immersion is still being processed.

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