Canada: Ontario Regional Contact Jam 2018

Where: Ontario Regional Contact Jam : Toronto, Canada

When: March 29- April 1, 2018

Who: The biggest Contact Improvisation Jam in North America: mostly from Canada and handfuls from New England and the midwest. 

What: I taught a couple Parcon Resilience classes during the jam. The first took place outside the Ballet school where the jam was. We ended with a movement exploration of our embodied relationships to economic class differences in our contact improvisation experiences and subsequent dialogue. The second workshop took place on a playground built by Real Eguchi, a local Contact Improviser. This was a Parcon Generation class, so we invited parents and children who were already on the playground to join us. We became animals in our home habitat exploring the Parcon material through our needs for comfort and play.    Photo credits: Savita Cupid