First Parcon Jam!

Where: The Rocks along the Hudson River first at 23rd street then 25th street.

When: 2-5pm April 21st, 2018  - post Highline Performance

Who: 14 attendees drawing from Parcon NYC, Contact Improvisers, and Parcon movers.

What: A Parcon Jam with a discussion about how to engage the public and review of a Safety Sequence handout. 



   By Ione L. Lewis

Moving around not sure where my body is going to take me

Trusting myself and not having to worry about how I look

just focused on moving to the groove of my on beat

Not having to worry about boundaries within my walls

For the longest time I felt restricted and powerless in my own body

Not feeling that I had the strength or the ability to move the way I wanted

Now I feel strong, free and alive

Adding a person to my movement is kinda of scary

I have to trust them, I don't trust easy

We have to move together and listen to each other's rhythm

My balance is not so great, I may need some assistance

Will they hold me up and catch me before I fall

This awkward C.P. body, who will understand the way it moves

Who will be able to move with me and pick up my rhythm

It actually happened I was able to move with other people and trust myself

as well as them, I let go and let my my body lead me

Rolling around on a rough surface of earth, afraid of falling on my face or head

as I gripped onto the rock

Pushing my body up at first I stumbled, that's normal on unfamiliar surfaces

Finally I'm on my hands in knees 

Wow, now someone is holding me up and I'm flipping over their back

Up in the air I never felt a rush like this

moving together side by side, feeling each other's energy and movements

Communicating through touch is amazing

Feeling what we may be thinking without a single word

Knowing when to start, stop or continue with just moving my body

Feeling free and alive, now I can not stop 






2018, communityAndrew Suseno