WEDNESDAY NIGHT Parcon Resilience Class


Where: Nelson A Rockefeller Park (West on Chamber st until you get to Battery Park)

When: Wednesday 6:30-9:30pm

Classes are open!

Realizing liberation is impossible without self and relational awareness and the desire to learn.

Parcon Resilience is a POC centered practice. It opens up the practice of liberation to incorporate the mind through the body in relation to itself, others and the environment via creative movement and weight sharing. In this workshop movers will develop their tools for self-care, making boundaries, and making requests of themselves and others to center and get what they want. Participants will also develop active listening skills connecting language to movement, touch and the development of structured improvisations to support the deepening or investigation of experience as a collective. These tools are powerful and give us access to working with the conscious and subconscious. Our lens will be anti-racist and anti-oppressive and the themes will be our relationship to power, self, community and the world we live in.

Classes will be ⅔ majority people of color. That means if you are a white person you must: 1) RSVP with us to see if there is space or 2) bring two non-white friends OR 3) be placed on a waiting list until our ratios balance.

For now while we are recruiting there are open classes in thru the summer; the rate is $15-$35 a class.

please click on this link to fill out a registration form!

*NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY BC OF FINANCES! We will work it out! Email Kimberly with questions!

*No class June 26th or July 3rd.

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