Move Different Research

When: October 19th, 2018

Performers: Ione Lewis and Andrew Suseno

What: We performed for the opening night of Move Different Research! This was the opening of a new studio called, MDR.STUDIO by Kenta Naoi. β€œThe goal of this exhibit is to create a space to build community around examining our relationship with movement through an interactive installation, performance, workshops, and discussion.” They created a cool modular gym that interacts with the participant through light and sound!  

Where: LES at 198 Allen St Gallery in Manhattan. 


Special Thanks to:

Ione Lewis for an awesome performance

Kimberly Tate and Akhim(Funk Buddha) for helping me with the music selection.

Nelson Gutierrez for allowing us to share this and rehearse with the seniors at La Corsi.

AND Kenta Naoi and Laura Ravn for inviting us to be part of opening night performances for this amazing weekend.