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I was blown away by the receptiveness of the Oberlin student body to receive the Parcon Resilience (PR) work! We started in May of 2019.

Thanks to the organizing of students of color before I came, I was able to offer two classes to students of color while there. … The People of Contact student group emerged from the identity affinity classes I offered to students of color at Oberlin. These classes were a time to acknowledge how the white centered institution divided students of color academically, through where they live and through a lack of acknowledgement for context, trauma, history and bodies. We used PR to develop our own ways to connect and learn the power of coming together, feeling together and organizing.

The rest of the workshops were white majority but we were able to maintain a POC centered approach to the curriculum. Some of the elements that made it POC centered for me was the invocation of relationships and ancestors as part of our embodiment, practice in collective movement and thinking, and centering consent and respect of each other’s wholeness in movement and mind.

Overall the reception was quite well. As a result, Gabe Gomez a student of color from Oberlin came to intern with me for the summer. And he and Rebecca Janovic, who will be teaching CI at Oberlin this fall, took the Facilitator Training with me. And the community as a whole is committed to the work. I will be returning there this November. For more documentation on Oberlin, please click here.

Some other colleges and Universities that I will be working with students of color to organize and move with this year are


Emerson in Boston, MA. Here