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Parcon Resilience


Liberation is a community affair. Come do it through dance with us!

Parcon Resilience is an approach to liberation where the sensing and moving body is the foundation to reclaim power, identity, history and place. We use movement and contact improvisation with each other, objects and place to express feelings, needs and intentions.

Parcon Resilience is a POC-centered collective with fiscal Sponsorship by Fractured Atlas. We strive for intersectionality in our community and pedagogy. Your contributions help make pro-active outreach to marginalized communities possible. Thank you! 


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   By Ione L. Lewis

Moving around not sure where my body is going to take me

Trusting myself and not having to worry about how I look

just focused on moving to the groove of my on beat

Not having to worry about boundaries within my walls

For the longest time I felt restricted and powerless in my own body

Not feeling that I had the strength or the ability to move the way I wanted

Now I feel strong, free and alive

Adding a person to my movement is kinda of scary

I have to trust them, I don't trust easy

We have to move together and listen to each other's rhythm

My balance is not so great, I may need some assistance

Will they hold me up and catch me before I fall

This awkward C.P. body, who will understand the way it moves

Who will be able to move with me and pick up my rhythm

It actually happened I was able to move with other people and trust myself

as well as them, I let go and let my my body lead me

Rolling around on a rough surface of earth, afraid of falling on my face or head

as I gripped onto the rock

Pushing my body up at first I stumbled, that's normal on unfamiliar surfaces

Finally I'm on my hands in knees 

Wow, now someone is holding me up and I'm flipping over their back

Up in the air I never felt a rush like this

moving together side by side, feeling each other's energy and movements

Communicating through touch is amazing

Feeling what we may be thinking without a single word

Knowing when to start, stop or continue with just moving my body

Feeling free and alive, now I can not stop 



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